Yellow Metal Bird Cage Lamp

I found a black & rusty, tall, free-standing bird cage at Goodwill and I knew it could be spectacular. Interestingly at exactly the same time, Hobby Lobby was selling a very similar version, but theirs weren’t vintage and as heavy-duty as mine 😉

Since the bird cage isn’t realistic for housing a live bird, I decided to turn it into something useful–a lamp!  When I was looking for a light bulb and cord, I wanted an on and off switch near the base, something I could paint that wouldn’t easily chip and an old style light bulb showing the filament. Success!  Ikea’s STRÅLA Cord set is fabric which nicely absorbed the paint. Also Ikea’s light bulb LUNNOM was the old-fashioned bulb I wanted,  additionally it’s an LED bulb E12 200 lumen, dimm-able, chandelier brown clear glass.  I spray painted the whole thing with @rustoleumusa color: Satin Strawflower and I love the results 💛💛💛   @ikeausa  #inwiththeold #stopsrust


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