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The most frequent question I am asked: where do you find the best deals?  This is difficult to answer, as I cannot lump or label any one company, so instead I’ll relay my experiences prefaced with the fact that even though I am always looking for a good deal, I am not a “bargainer.”  Thrift stores collect money for charities – worthy causes, and my aim is never to shortchange or haggle prices.

ARC on Quebec and County Line was where I found my first score and where my addiction began.  I picked up this vintage electric desk fan; excellent condition mechanically and visually – $9.  Of course I have been back many times since and have not found anything remotely as memorable and believe me, I have savant-like memory when it comes to thrifting (real life, not so much).  Recently they had an antique sewing desk marked at $80.  It was in serious disrepair and needed more TLC  than the average person has time.  Weeks later it is still there but now at 50% off — still not a deal.  I told an employee that if they would part with it for $20 that I would consider taking it.  The employee abruptly told me that they won’t take less than what it is listed.  Combine this with the fact that most items are suddenly outrageously priced, my local ARC went from my favorite, to least favorite.  Don’t even get me started about my experience at the ARC in Loveland, CO.  On the flip side, I had a stellar experience at the ARC on Colfax & Pierce in Lakewood — the employees helped me fill my car with 3 stuffed cart loads.  I apologized to the young manager about getting so much with a small car.  Her comment was “don’t worry ma’am, I’m really good at Tetris!” She is a keeper and so is this ARC.

Goodwill has several locations near me and all locations are fair and the employees are all helpful.  I got my beautiful dining room table & chairs at my local Goodwill for $80.  Beth got this gorgeous hutch for $50 and Pam got a full sized hutch for $50 — stay tuned for their up-cycle stories & pics!

I have to admit that for the longest time I didn’t even know that Savers was a thrift store but now that I know, they are a regular stop.  The employees are SUPER nice and friendly, so I give them 5 stars.  One deal was this antique wicker-back rocker for $7.

Last but not least, my favorite thrift store… drum roll… Mile High Thrift Store on Sheridan.  Mile High only takes cash, but you won’t need much as their prices are the lowest by far.  I would be there everyday if it were not for the location and hours Monday thru Saturday 9-6.  Now that you know about this little secret gem tell me about your favorites! Happy thrifting!



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  1. Great rehabs, everyone is looking for uniqueness in their homes these days and this is a great way to achieve it at a budget price. Your rehabs look like the stuff I would see on HGTV flips…

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