Vintage Scrolly Shelves

While visiting grandma in Loveland, CO we found this gorgeous 5-tiered shelf at the ARC.  Who could pass up this beauty?!  I typically have a $30 MAX budget on any one piece; this was my first “expensive” piece at $30. I had my kids pick this up so I could look at the bottom which was filled with spider webs and dead things. Because of this, they wanted me to leave it, but yah, NO —  this shelf needed me as much as I needed it!

I spent a long time trying to decide what to do with this piece as it was clearly, already awesome.  The dark wood is always pretty, but I decided that I wanted to lighten her up.  Since she is so spectacular and curvy, I used Annie Sloan’s more expensive Antique White to finish.  The backing needed to be replaced; I covered it with interesting fabric and love the final product!  Hope you do too!

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