Quick Update

Well hello…it’s been a while!  We have some exciting updates!  First,  our Etsy website is now up and running.  If you haven’t already, please be sure to check us out (white frame included).  Additionally, you’ll find adorable vintage knick knacks for all occasions, including our new vintage jewelry snowflakes!  If you’re ever looking for unique gifts that make your friends smile, this is your shop 🙂

Secondly, we have sold nearly all of our up-cycled furnishings!!!  Facebook Marketplace and Let-Go have been super helpful for sales, Instagram is the best for marketing and quick picture updates!  LOVE LOVE LOVE technology!

Stay tuned for a couple of upcoming big projects including an antique barrel chair with a spindle back as well as a timely makeover for 2 large display cases… can’t wait to share!

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