Fun with Fabric

I am really bad at taking BEFORE pics!  I get too excited and start working on a project and midway through I realize that I don’t have before images DOH!

One of my favorite finds are old “telephone” tables.  They are the perfect size for grab & carry, not to mention, since phones are no longer stationary, I find these lovelies nearly every thrift trip!  My friend Traci bought some super cute furniture pieces that were finished with vibrant fabric.  I thought I’d try this technique out for myself and am pleasantly surprised how easy it is and how it adds extra eye-catching details.  Grey – Relic by @decoart and yellow are always a good and popular combo, so I went for it.  I found the map fabric and Hobby Lobby and used in on the bottom shelf as well as the drawer front.  Inside the drawer, I lined it with a coordinating ribbon; this made the job much simpler because the ribbon was the exact height as the drawer.  Finally finishing off with an “X marks the spot” drawer pull 😉  Desk original price = $8, fabric scraps = $4, knob  = $2.  $14 = custom treasure!


Ornate Metal Gothic Cross

Originally I looked at this cross with my friend in mind.  She decorates an altar for Día de Muertos, Day of the Dead, which includes religious symbols.  The original piece was spray painted with golden glitter paint, sacrilege! but this also made it hard to “see” its true potential.

After stripping the paint and cleaning with a wire brush, this amazing piece has been restored to its former glory.  It was the perfect addition for the gorgeous altar, click here to see for yourself!

My First Finished Piece!

Little cabinet

I fell in love with this little 4-drawer box at ARC for $8!  It was definitely not mass produced–each drawer has a tongue and groove finish as well as handwritten placements: “draw 1 from top, draw 2 from top,” etc.

When you find an antique that tells you the story of  who may have owned the piece and how it was used, it makes it that much more valuable!

I have to give mad props to this little guy’s builder as the finish on the drawer fronts was a wonderful old crackle that made them seem more like aged leather.  SADLY, since this was my first piece, this detail is barely visible now.  I didn’t know how to work with it so I may have sanded it down… GASP!  I could shoot myself now, but live & learn I suppose.  Still, this piece turned out to be cute and functional, and is perfect storage for my antique doilies.