My First Finished Piece!

Little cabinet

I fell in love with this little 4-drawer box at ARC for $8!  It was definitely not mass produced–each drawer has a tongue and groove finish as well as handwritten placements: “draw 1 from top, draw 2 from top,” etc.

When you find an antique that tells you the story of  who may have owned the piece and how it was used, it makes it that much more valuable!

I have to give mad props to this little guy’s builder as the finish on the drawer fronts was a wonderful old crackle that made them seem more like aged leather.  SADLY, since this was my first piece, this detail is barely visible now.  I didn’t know how to work with it so I may have sanded it down… GASP!  I could shoot myself now, but live & learn I suppose.  Still, this piece turned out to be cute and functional, and is perfect storage for my antique doilies.


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