Meet Lacey!

laceyI named this table Lacey because I used spray painted over lace to create the eye-catching top of this little, vintage cutie. Supposedly you can reuse the same lace over and over on other projects; I’ll let you know if that’s true when I do!  I honestly wrestled with this table for a while, it was one of my first projects. I originally spray painted this table gray and yellow and well, it looked foolish.  I wasn’t sure I could fix it, so I nearly gave it back to the thrift store. I’m glad I didn’t because it turned out adorable!  I didn’t have to strip it either, with chalk paint, you can simply paint over just about anything! @DecoArt Relic (gray) and Honor (blue)

2 thoughts on “Meet Lacey!”

  1. Lovely. Did you have to tape down the lace before spray painting? What shade/brand of blue is the base coat? Did you seal it with something? That would be a nice technique to use on the face side of dresser drawers.

    1. Hi Donna, @DecoArt Honor (blue) is what we used for the base coat. It is by far my favorite color, I used it also on the “Butterfly” table which I sold recently!! It’s so exciting and satisfying when others enjoy your work! Next time I’ll need to tape down the lace; I’ve included another image of this process… hope it helps! Thank you for commenting!!!

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