Goodwill… more like Greatwill!

Since we are on the topic of thrift store reviews, I would like to include an experience from another Thrifty shopper…

Erica at the Goodwill in Westminster made my first real adventure into the furniture rehab world a great experience. I was interested in a small table that had been priced at $20 a few days earlier. I really didn’t have time to find a customer assistant, but couldn’t get it off my mind. It was cute! When I went back a few days later, the table was there but wasn’t tagged. That’s when I found Erica who introduced me to the inter-workings (new word) of Goodwill’s business model – from receiving, production, distribution, re-distribution, and on to the floor for sales. Quite an operation run by some of the nicest people around. I have a whole new respect for what they do.

She asked me what I thought the price of the table should be. I said $10 and she said how about $6.99! When I asked her how they price items, she told me that all personnel are encouraged to help customers make a value offer when asked. If an offer seems too low, the sales agent will suggest a value price, but at the end of the day making a customer feel they’re being treated fairly and getting a good deal is most important. Each store has a daily sales quota, and it’s very important to have repeat customers. I’m in. A whole new world of thrift shopping! Who knew…obviously Thrifty Rehab does (wink, wink)!

Thanks for your input Pam!  Please keep your experiences coming in and as always, happy Thrifting!

2 thoughts on “Goodwill… more like Greatwill!”

  1. Thanks for enlightening us. I thought the prices were firm and there was no option to ask for a lower price. I’ll remember this the next time I’m out thrifting.

    1. Hi Donna, it seems that there are a lot of variables for pricing & thrifting, including management. Despite this, hope you find great deals!

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