Fun with Fabric

I am really bad at taking BEFORE pics!  I get too excited and start working on a project and midway through I realize that I don’t have before images DOH!

One of my favorite finds are old “telephone” tables.  They are the perfect size for grab & carry, not to mention, since phones are no longer stationary, I find these lovelies nearly every thrift trip!  My friend Traci bought some super cute furniture pieces that were finished with vibrant fabric.  I thought I’d try this technique out for myself and am pleasantly surprised how easy it is and how it adds extra eye-catching details.  Grey – Relic by @decoart and yellow are always a good and popular combo, so I went for it.  I found the map fabric and Hobby Lobby and used in on the bottom shelf as well as the drawer front.  Inside the drawer, I lined it with a coordinating ribbon; this made the job much simpler because the ribbon was the exact height as the drawer.  Finally finishing off with an “X marks the spot” drawer pull 😉  Desk original price = $8, fabric scraps = $4, knob  = $2.  $14 = custom treasure!


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