Dear Savers, I Miss You!

I’m super bummed that @Savers_Thrift stores in Colorado closed down.  I could always find a little something, something here.  ARC and Goodwill are typically hit or miss for me, mostly miss.  It’s somewhat discouraging walking out of a Thrift Store empty handed, but I often do.

AND is it just me, or are the Thrift Stores charging retail now?  Sometimes more!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the price of an item, it will have the original retail sticker and then the Thrift Store does a markup!  Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL ABOUT helping the handicapped and less fortunate, but this new business model kills the excitement of finding a great deal.

So now Thrifting for me has become “Strategizing.”  Luckily, technology is a HUGE help.  Now I use an iPhone app called @EstateSalesNet, which is quite slick.  You can get email updates to see what sales are coming up in your neighborhood, including images of all the items!  The app has a built-in maps and Siri gives you all the coordinates!  You can “like” items that you might be interested in, and when you arrive at the location, your list is literally in your hand.  Gotta love technology!

At first I wasn’t a fan of estate sales because most of the time, someone has died.  Rummaging through the recently departed’s belongings seems disrespectful, not to mention sad!  Luckily the people hosting estate sales typically have amazing attitudes and happily share information and interesting facts about the former occupants.  For instance, one sale I went to the gentleman was a magnificent iron, metal and brass artisan.  His pieces were unique and gorgeous!  Because his story is so amazing I feel as though I’m fortunate to have something made by him and I too will continue his story and legacy.  Nonetheless, I’m still sad about Savers.

One thought on “Dear Savers, I Miss You!”

  1. Thank you for your observations regarding estate sales and the new app that will help us find them. I also have found that the people conducting estate sales are caring, helpful and very respectful professionals. Can’t wait to see your new “finds” and will keep looking for new places to explore.

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