Charming Cart

When I saw people chalk painting antique/vintage tea carts, I knew I had to find one to up-do myself.  I bought this cutie on Facebook Marketplace from college kids for $35.

As you can see, this cart required a good cleaning.  For this I simply used dish-soap and water that I combined in a spray bottle.  I took off the wheels and flipped the cart upside down so that I could paint underneath first. Interestingly, when I’ve perused some shops that sell chalk-painted furniture, often the undersides are not painted.  Have you seen this too?  I’m sure it’s a time and money saver, but my OCD won’t let me.

I love the butter-yellow color, @DecoArt Delicate, and decided to paint the top, drawer-front and tray with this color.  Dark gray, @DecoArt Relic, is one of my favorites too, so I painted the wheels and needed to tie these colors together somehow.  Hence I glued, then trimmed the cream and gray fabric ribbon from Hobby Lobby on the outer sides of the tray and drawer.

The butter wing-top was missing something, so I decided that the fleur-de-lis stencil was in order (thanks Donna!).

Each wheel had a groove where I imagine there once was rubber tread or something similar. Since this was gone, I decided to fill the void with rope. It was a fairly time consuming project, but I think it turned out pretty cute, what do you think?

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