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The Real McCoy?

I thought I’d share my first “is it real or is it a reproduction” story.  I honestly didn’t know a thing about figuring this stuff out, so I reached out to a pottery expert; thank you Jean Bushnell for your insights!

I sent the first set of images below to Jean and asked if this McCoy Windmill Cookie jar is worth $30?  Jean replied back — is there damage? Chips? Crazing? It was produced in the 1960s, so there should be some wear.  If it’s real, it could be worth double.

Yay!  But wait… no crazing whatsoever.  No chips.  No damage.  In fact, despite the fact that the paint had come off this one looks pretty darn clean. Perhaps it’s just in mint condition? Nicely packed away all of these years?  Unlikely.

Next, Jean asked for the measurements as it should be 10.5 inches tall with the lid which mine was. Things seemed to line up okay here. Decisions, decisions.


I decided to search for a REAL McCoy Windmill Cookie jar online and have included some side-by-side photos for comparison.

realmccoy    sidebysidemm

Upon doing more research, including eBay sales – which ended up being not much more than the purchase price, I ended up walking away.  Do you think I made the right decision?  Please tell us your real vs. reproduction stories below! Happy thrifting!