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Dear Savers, I Miss You!

I’m super bummed that @Savers_Thrift stores in Colorado closed down.  I could always find a little something, something here.  ARC and Goodwill are typically hit or miss for me, mostly miss.  It’s somewhat discouraging walking out of a Thrift Store empty handed, but I often do.

AND is it just me, or are the Thrift Stores charging retail now?  Sometimes more!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the price of an item, it will have the original retail sticker and then the Thrift Store does a markup!  Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL ABOUT helping the handicapped and less fortunate, but this new business model kills the excitement of finding a great deal.

So now Thrifting for me has become “Strategizing.”  Luckily, technology is a HUGE help.  Now I use an iPhone app called @EstateSalesNet, which is quite slick.  You can get email updates to see what sales are coming up in your neighborhood, including images of all the items!  The app has a built-in maps and Siri gives you all the coordinates!  You can “like” items that you might be interested in, and when you arrive at the location, your list is literally in your hand.  Gotta love technology!

At first I wasn’t a fan of estate sales because most of the time, someone has died.  Rummaging through the recently departed’s belongings seems disrespectful, not to mention sad!  Luckily the people hosting estate sales typically have amazing attitudes and happily share information and interesting facts about the former occupants.  For instance, one sale I went to the gentleman was a magnificent iron, metal and brass artisan.  His pieces were unique and gorgeous!  Because his story is so amazing I feel as though I’m fortunate to have something made by him and I too will continue his story and legacy.  Nonetheless, I’m still sad about Savers.

Quick, easy and cheap deco update!

Candlebluewallmounts and candle holders are an easy way to change the look and feel of indoor and outdoor spaces.  When these metal sconces were originally purchased they were black, which was nice, but we knew that they could be spiced up.  The image of the two candle sconces was painted in our favorite spray paint and color… Surf Matte by @Krylon.  In our area we have difficulty finding this color and count on purchasing @JoAnn_Stores and @HobbyLobby. The sconces were then distressed with 100 grit sandpaper.

2in1candleholderThe single sconce was painted with Catalina Mist, Satin @Krylon and also distressed with sandpaper.  Hanging these gems on our dingy fence was certainly eye-catching–you should see them lit up at night!


Turquoise Metal Plant Stand

I love how this metal plant stand turned out; click on the images to see more detail.  I found this at a little obscure place near my Dad’s home, simply called Global Thrift.  Unlike the typically neglected pieces I find, this one had been loved, painted and even bead-dazzled!  Someone obviously admired this stand too.  I wish I would have gotten a good image of the beads/gems that were glued on, however you can see where they once were in the before image below.

This was sprayed with Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer, color: Surf, finish: Matte.  The color is so nice that I incorporated it into a few more projects forthcoming, so stay tuned!  After the paint dried, it was distressed with 80 gauge sandpaper and then finished with dark wax.  I hope to work with many more metal pieces as they produce quick & beautiful results!

Original plant stand = $4, spray paint = $4


Ornate Metal Gothic Cross

Originally I looked at this cross with my friend in mind.  She decorates an altar for Día de Muertos, Day of the Dead, which includes religious symbols.  The original piece was spray painted with golden glitter paint, sacrilege! but this also made it hard to “see” its true potential.

After stripping the paint and cleaning with a wire brush, this amazing piece has been restored to its former glory.  It was the perfect addition for the gorgeous altar, click here to see for yourself!