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Charming Cart

When I saw people chalk painting antique/vintage tea carts, I knew I had to find one to up-do myself.  I bought this cutie on Facebook Marketplace from college kids for $35.

As you can see, this cart required a good cleaning.  For this I simply used dish-soap and water that I combined in a spray bottle.  I took off the wheels and flipped the cart upside down so that I could paint underneath first. Interestingly, when I’ve perused some shops that sell chalk-painted furniture, often the undersides are not painted.  Have you seen this too?  I’m sure it’s a time and money saver, but my OCD won’t let me.

I love the butter-yellow color, @DecoArt Delicate, and decided to paint the top, drawer-front and tray with this color.  Dark gray, @DecoArt Relic, is one of my favorites too, so I painted the wheels and needed to tie these colors together somehow.  Hence I glued, then trimmed the cream and gray fabric ribbon from Hobby Lobby on the outer sides of the tray and drawer.

The butter wing-top was missing something, so I decided that the fleur-de-lis stencil was in order (thanks Donna!).

Each wheel had a groove where I imagine there once was rubber tread or something similar. Since this was gone, I decided to fill the void with rope. It was a fairly time consuming project, but I think it turned out pretty cute, what do you think?

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Abandoned plum desk

I cannot take credit for the paint job on this sweet little desk; I purchased it already painted.  I often find pieces that someone has started an “up-do” and sadly, given up on.  Everything was nicely done, however the paint color rubbed off easily on my hands which is perhaps why it was abandoned.  Since I loved the color, and the chippy, aged texture underneath, I thought I’d see if I could resuscitate her.  Low and behold a thin layer of Clear Satin Polycrylic by @Minwax did the trick!  Since all of the hard work was already done, I simply jazzed up the drawer, changed out the knob and this lovely is now spending her new life with her new owner.

Thrifty Rehab Plum Desk   Thrifty Rehab Plum Desk

Meet Lacey!

laceyI named this table Lacey because I used spray painted over lace to create the eye-catching top of this little, vintage cutie. Supposedly you can reuse the same lace over and over on other projects; I’ll let you know if that’s true when I do!  I honestly wrestled with this table for a while, it was one of my first projects. I originally spray painted this table gray and yellow and well, it looked foolish.  I wasn’t sure I could fix it, so I nearly gave it back to the thrift store. I’m glad I didn’t because it turned out adorable!  I didn’t have to strip it either, with chalk paint, you can simply paint over just about anything! @DecoArt Relic (gray) and Honor (blue)

Stereo cabinet turned storage

insidestereocabinetbeforestereocabinetcompleteafterACK! I can’t find any pictures of this stereo cabinet as it appeared originally… but trust me, it needed help!  Someone had tried refinishing it and, well, it didn’t work.  The interior was painted a strange Pepto Bismol pink color (which looks white in this picture) and the exterior was stained — over VARNISH — a red-er color stain.  I’m sure the owner had good intentions, but please don’t try to stain over varnish people! You will never match the original varnish color!! I pulled out the strips of wood on the bottom, originally meant for record storage, and repainted the inside blue.

Had some extra fabric left over from a previous project, so used this to cover the inside shelf all the way around. Modge Podge is my best friend for covering wood with fabric.   While the doors were off, painted them with a super fun Rose Metallic paint that I hadn’t tried, Buttercream by @JoAnn_Stores.  I’m sad because I really like but have heard that JoAnn’s is discontinuing the Buttercream line 🙁  Then finished this lovely off with knobs from @HobbyLobby; now I’m officially a #knobsnob!!!  I named this project Two/Too Fly Blue because two flies managed to get stuck in the paint on the doors! Oh how I miss the warm weather… even the pesky flies.



70s style table transformation

Each thrifty purchase has specific requirements: it has to be light enough that I can move it around by myself, and it also has to have personality.  When I saw this little old table it told me that it wanted to be functional again and noticeable; mission accomplished 🙂

My new favorite chalk paint color = Honor  by @DecoArt, American Decor, Chalky Finish.  The blue color turns mystical after the Art Minds Clear Wax is applied.  Low grit sandpaper to distress.  Also used a screw driver, drill and a rubber mallet for removing the laminated center piece, where butterfly fabric from Hobby Lobby was applied with an adequate layer of Modge Podge to seal. Simple effort – stunning results!
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Vintage Scrolly Shelves

While visiting grandma in Loveland, CO we found this gorgeous 5-tiered shelf at the ARC.  Who could pass up this beauty?!  I typically have a $30 MAX budget on any one piece; this was my first “expensive” piece at $30. I had my kids pick this up so I could look at the bottom which was filled with spider webs and dead things. Because of this, they wanted me to leave it, but yah, NO —  this shelf needed me as much as I needed it!

I spent a long time trying to decide what to do with this piece as it was clearly, already awesome.  The dark wood is always pretty, but I decided that I wanted to lighten her up.  Since she is so spectacular and curvy, I used Annie Sloan’s more expensive Antique White to finish.  The backing needed to be replaced; I covered it with interesting fabric and love the final product!  Hope you do too!

Fun with Fabric

I am really bad at taking BEFORE pics!  I get too excited and start working on a project and midway through I realize that I don’t have before images DOH!

One of my favorite finds are old “telephone” tables.  They are the perfect size for grab & carry, not to mention, since phones are no longer stationary, I find these lovelies nearly every thrift trip!  My friend Traci bought some super cute furniture pieces that were finished with vibrant fabric.  I thought I’d try this technique out for myself and am pleasantly surprised how easy it is and how it adds extra eye-catching details.  Grey – Relic by @decoart and yellow are always a good and popular combo, so I went for it.  I found the map fabric and Hobby Lobby and used in on the bottom shelf as well as the drawer front.  Inside the drawer, I lined it with a coordinating ribbon; this made the job much simpler because the ribbon was the exact height as the drawer.  Finally finishing off with an “X marks the spot” drawer pull 😉  Desk original price = $8, fabric scraps = $4, knob  = $2.  $14 = custom treasure!