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Vintage Butler Style Magazine Rack


I found this nice little magazine rack for $8 and found a comparable for $48, woot!  As you can see the one I found needed some help. I decided to create 2 embellishments for it using my new molds by Prima Marketing, specifically Baroque No. 2 by Orchid Designs. Additionally, I’ve wanted to do a verdigris finish for a long time, so I thought this would be a good practice piece.

The first time I tried making the molds, I used the Paper Clay that is recommended and my results weren’t great.  This clay is what it states — “paper” and was hard for me to work with and takes 12 hours to dry.  The clay itself was really dry, not pliable and my molds cracked after they dried. This coupled with the fact that I’m impatient (I have one mold & need 2 embellishments!), I decided to try KwikWood apoxy putty by JB Weld. If you haven’t tried this stuff, it’s amazing!  It is so much fun to work with.  My Aunt introduced it to me when she had us make Gourd roosters.  She uses it for the feet, beak and comb because it dries super fast and takes paint immediately.  It’s not exactly thrifty, but it worked well for me on this project.  (I also used the putty to fix a few blemishes and chips in the wood paneling on the magazine rack.)

I simply glued an embellishment on each end and used bronze metallic paint for the first coat.  I then covered the piece with @ArtDeco Chalky Paint, color Pleasure. Using dark wax, I rubbed the colors together.  I have to admit that I’m not thrilled with the results AND I would like to get more green in my next verdigris mix so I’ll have to try again on another piece.  I’m done looking at this one for now 😉 Stay tuned!

FUNctional Card Table

When I saw this old card table at Goodwill for $20, I knew that it had major potential.  I loved the fact that the center of it was removable and that it was already framed.  This made me think that when it wasn’t being used as a card table, it could easily double as framed wall art.  I searched high and low for an inexpensive poster that was 27″ square; which turned out not to be the easiest task. Eventually I found what I was looking for at @AllPosters .com for about $10!  Full disclosure: I didn’t take as much time and care as I should have to Mod Podge the poster to the card table center and ended up with bubbles that I tried to fix to no avail; but I can live with it for now 🙂  Lastly @DecoArt white/blanc chalk paint & clear wax made for a splendid finish!  It is the perfect mate for my new chair from my favorite chalking buddy, Beth Treadwell @coloradostyled ❤


Craft time!

Recently, Thrifty Rehab partnered with Muy Bueno to make some beautiful crepe paper flowers for Dia de los Muertos.  The flowers are amazing and you too can easily create them! Go to Muy Bueno for DIY (do it yourself) instructions.