Abandoned plum desk

I cannot take credit for the paint job on this sweet little desk; I purchased it already painted.  I often find pieces that someone has started an “up-do” and sadly, given up on.  Everything was nicely done, however the paint color rubbed off easily on my hands which is perhaps why it was abandoned.  Since I loved the color, and the chippy, aged texture underneath, I thought I’d see if I could resuscitate her.  Low and behold a thin layer of Clear Satin Polycrylic by @Minwax did the trick!  Since all of the hard work was already done, I simply jazzed up the drawer, changed out the knob and this lovely is now spending her new life with her new owner.

Thrifty Rehab Plum Desk   Thrifty Rehab Plum Desk

2 thoughts on “Abandoned plum desk”

  1. I’m pretty sure I have used every type of clear finish made by every major manufacturer over a life time of household projects including kitchen cabinets and stained entry doors. But never have I been more excited about the Clear Satin Polycrylic by Minwax that I used on my chalk paint rehabbed sideboard. You are spot-on with your Polycrylic recommendation. And, your amazing plum desk will never feel abandoned again. It’s a keeper!

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