A $2 antique replica?!

I’m insanely fortunate to own some priceless beauties, such as this hand painted Saint by my late great Uncle Cliff Westermeier.  Uncle Cliff is a celebrated artist and author of Man, Beast, Dust.   This painting is thought to be from his Santos collection.  He was married to my Grandpa Jack Stout’s mother’s sister.

This painting greets me every morning and I always think I would like more similar beauties, but I haven’t the time nor skill to oil paint.  Here is my quick workaround.  The first photo below is a frame I bought from Goodwill in Denver for $1.  It is obviously a fine laser-cut piece of wood in need of a minor repair, which was easily remedied with wood glue.  I then stained the piece with Minwax Dark Walnut stain.  Next, I covered the entire frame in a coat of  chalk paint #DecoArtProjects blue or Colonial.  Another thifty acquisition I made recently were books with prints from famous artists… 5 books @ $1 each… SCORE!  I trimmed a photo from the book then broke out my Modge Podge and glued this lovely Madonna and child image to the $1 frame.  I then aged and distressed with low and high grit sandpaper as well as dark wax.  The finished product is no where as special as the hand-painted original Saint, but it was sure fun trying to recreate something similar so quickly and inexpensively!

originalfram brownframe blueframe finalmadonna Saint by Uncle Cliff

2 thoughts on “A $2 antique replica?!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful technique. I’ll be searching for a project to try out this great way to achieve a whole new look!

  2. WOW, thank you for sharing this! I can immediately see so many applications for this wether it be a frame or something more unusual. I can see you’re working very hard here, great job and keep going!

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